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new to FileMaker Server 5.5

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You cannot start or stop the service remotely.

You can close DBs, disconnect guests, send messages, get details of files or guests, view open files, view connected guests, view statistics.

In order to start and stop the service, run scripts or open DBs you would need to use some kind of OS level remote control package. Such as Remote Desktop, Timbuktu, Telenet, etc.

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If you are using a mac then you could enable remote login in the Sharing prefs pane. Then you can use ssh to login.

In terminal type this to remotely login to your server

ssh youradminusername@yourserveraddress

Then you can send commands to filemaker like this...

/Applications/FileMaker Server/FileMaker Server Config.app/Contents/Resources/fmserverd START

/Applications/FileMaker Server/FileMaker Server Config.app/Contents/Resources/fmserverd STOP

Here's the help page for fmserverd...


FileMaker Server 5.5

where COMMAND is one of the following:

START to start the Server

STOP to stop the Server

OPEN to open one or more databases

CLOSE to close one or more open databases

PAUSE to pause one or more open databases

RESUME to resume one or more open databases

FILES to list currently open database

RELOAD to reload configuration file

Valid Options:

-f, --force force immediate shutdown

-h, --help display this help and exit

-m, --message "text" sends the specified text to guests of database(s)

being closed

-c, --config-file PATH specify the file path to the configuration file

-s, --skip skip opening databases in ServerRoot directory and

one level down

-t, --grace-time NUM the number of minutes until guest(s) will be


PATH is a file or a directory.

Without a PATH all files in ServerRoot path and one

level down will be opened.


I hope this helps,


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All you want to do is stop or start the FM server service remotely? If so then (assuming from your post that the server and client are both Windows 2000) right click My Computer from the client, select "manage" and then right click "computer management and choose "connect to another computer" and type in the server name - from there you can display a list of services. You will need to connect with an account that has admin privliges on the server.

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This topic is 5908 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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