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Graphics in Calc containor fields are deformed

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I am using calc fields as containers to have dynamic buttons. My graphic is made in FM7 (simple figures using the rectangle, circle and line functions). When inserting this graphic into the Repeating container field used as the graphics "bank", my Calc field container displays a warped graphic. I've tweaked the crop, reduce and enlarge functions. I've changed the dimensions of the Calc field container and the repeating "bank" container field, all without help. What am I doing wrong?

Thank's in advance.

"It's never so bad that it couldn't get worse."

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FM7 does not handle containers in the same way. I phrase it this way because I am still unsure whether this is supposed to be a feature or is a bug. I have not heard back from FM as yet, and I haven't checked TechInfo recently to see if it's identified.

Gone are the days of pasting tiny swatches of color and have them enlarge to fill - at least on XP. And FM may have good reasons why this 'change' has occured. This works for me: I make my graphics the same size (usually a bit larger) than the container they will fill. That eliminates the right and bottom warp (missing color). I wouldn't call it a solution but more a work-around. So try increasing the size of your buttons before you paste them in and use reduce. crazy.gifsmirk.gif

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This topic is 7151 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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