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Good morning!

I just did a search in this group for an address book template but nothing came up (at least, scanning the subject lines, nothing that was an address book seemed to come up).

Can someone recommend a freeware one? I don't need anything fancy, just a plain address book with ability to print. The only thing that would be special is if there were various print sizes - what I mean is that there would be at least a couple of "reports" for different address books. I'd like to print it up for one I carry in my purse (small) and for a master one here at home by the phone.

Sizes are unimportant, I can change that.

Thank you!

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Diana, Cda

Two things.

1). Since you are Not new to the Forum, you shold already know that this area is for Uploading a file for sharing with the Group, not for questions unless they involve a file that was submitted.

2). Here are a few Free Address books, and as Chopper said, look in the free files that came with FileMaker.

Address Book FMP3 by: Eric Deveaud URL:


Address File 4.12 by: Rick Rowland URL:


FM Address Book 1.0 by: Stepano Cappello URL:




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Thank you, Chopper for your info! I obviously did not find anything with the templates because I certainly did look, but appreciate the info. It's always nice when one is given info in a nice tone of voice! Much appreciated. I rarely post here these days and don't always do things in the right way because of that.

Thank you, Lee, for your information as well.

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Hi Diana,

What version FileMaker are you using?

About the templates folder inside the FileMaker folder i was referring to

the Contact Management File.

If you are using FM7 you can get the download at

FileMaker Collection {/url]

If v5 or 6 I can send you template.

Don't be afraid to ask questions , most of us don't bite. If we do....Don't let it bother you.

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This topic is 7144 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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