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Web Companion Error 403

Mike Thanos

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I am getting this error when making multiple http find requests to Web Companion. The requests are being issued by an xsl stylesheet (not running in Xalan in FileMaker but in a servlet) which is building an XML file from data in multiple FileMaker files. On many, but not all, of the requests, I set -Max=All to override the default return found set maximum size of 25. The stylesheet can issue hundreds of individual http find requests and at some point the Web Companion starts returning the 403 error. The problem is not consistent in that the first run of the stylesheet will often succeed without error, but then a further run starts to produce the error after some (variable) number of the find requests succeed.

Error 403 means "Exceeding maximum record limit for trial version of FileMakerPro".

I get the error running FileMaker Pro 6 v4, FileMaker Developer 6 v4 and FileMaker Proi 6 Unlimited v4, all running Web Companion v6.03. OS is Mac OS X Panther version 10.3.4. The files are hosted by FileMaker Server 5.5. And yes, all of the software is fully licensed.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Many thanks


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This topic is 6441 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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