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  • 5 months later...

Thanks for the reply Wesley. I just hope FMWebSchool supports and produces this product for longer than 6 months.

I purchased VisualFX as soon as it was available and was never able to use it due to its buggy & incomplete nature (and as you can see it took someone 5 months to respond to my original post).

I must say I am disappointed in FMWebSchool for their support of and then withdrawal of this product without even notifying purchasers of their intent or of a new product available.

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FXForge has nothing to do with VisualFX. FMWebschool did not write VisualFX. we were merely retailers of the product. Chris Hansen wrote VisualFX, he also was to support VisualFX, every CD shipped included his support number and email address.

We were disgusted as well, and wrote a program ourseleves called FXForge. FMWebschool owns FXForge so you know things will be done right. We removed VisualFX from our website for two reasons. A. We did not feel the product was representing the "quality" that FMWebschool is known for. B. Because Mr. Hansen asked us to remove the prodcut.

We received our first email from you today that you were having problems with VisualFX. We offered you FXForge at half price. Before posting to an open forum, perhaps you should have contacted us.

FMWebschool spent over 5 months and 500 hours developing FXForge for the FileMaker community. We let the community know as soon as we could about FXForge. We notified FileMaker, all of the forums, as well as set up an OPEN forum at www.fxforge.net we have a live operator from 9-6 on the site and offer free tech support 5 days a week.

I am sorry that you had problems with Mr. Hansen's product. We did not write the program, we were suppliers of a software package. That software was not up to our standards and was removed.

VisualFX is not FXForge. Is nothing like FXForge. FXForge works perfectly with Macs, PC's and ANY text or web editor. FMWebschool wrote FXForge, vigorously supports it, and has had a wonderful open discussion with those using the product. I do not think that we have EVER not repsonded to emails or phone calls.

Try communicating with FMWebschool next time before posting.

In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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Thank you for your reply Stephen.

My first notice of FXForge was in Wesley's reply to my original post.

After replying to Wesley's post I did write FMWebSchool and received a prompt reply from Allyson resolving my issues. I was very impressed with her speedy reply and resolution to the problem and am purchasing FXForge. It looks to be very promising and I am anxiously awaiting putting it through its paces.

Thanks to FMWebschool for developing solutions for the FM community -


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This topic is 6260 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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