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Disappearing Text Boxes When Sliding


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Okay, i remember that this was a problem in earlier versions, but hoped it would be fixed by now.

Simple layout with text boxes as field labels aligned to the left, with accompanying fields to the right.

All are set to slide up and reduce size of enclosing parts. Now, the layout goes over one page long. Everything works fine until the text boxes after the first page. In preview mode, these text boxes disappear completely, although the fields next to them slide just fine. Gone. Just gone. I've tried every different way to set up the body part, to no avail.

Also, having the problem with a text field that flows over a page break, where the lines are chopped off at the top of the next page, as if filemaker is negating any margins (which are set at .5 inches).



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I have the same problem. Our IS guys haven't been able to solve it either. At first I was unable to see multiple text boxes for their corresponding fields, but after deleting and entering the fields repeatedly I've narrowed it down to 1 text box not showing up on the 2nd page. If I move the text box to the first page it shows up and slides appropriately, however not on the second page. Under preview there is even a gap where the text box should be, making me believe it's sliding, just not showing up.

Any ideas? FMP7.01, OSX - Tiger.

Let's see:

Text boxes and fields are all aligned to left.

Sliding/Printing ON (all of them have been checked for "non printing" issues).

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Use <<merge fields>> whenever possible for printing - that is what they were designed for. They will handle text across page breaks better than regular fields. They will also automatically shrink and expand within the text block they are placed in.

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This topic is 6723 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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