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Find New Records Entered During Session


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I have a problem:

I want to be able to display those records that I have entered during the current session. In other words, I would like to filter the records down to those that I input from the time I opened FM Pro that day. What I'm trying to do is select this group so that I can print letters for them at a later time, without printing each individual letter at the time I enter the record.

Right now I am using a button that omits the record after I input it, then going to the layout I want and hitting another button that shows omitted records. The drawback to this is that once I omit the record, I cannot see it until I have it show omitted records, so this is not a very good idea.

But I know that there are many very knowledgeable people in this forum that can help me!!

Thanks all


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This solution – using the date – will work, but only if you see one day as one session. If you want to have more than one session per day and keep these records separated from each other then you need to still use an auto-enter value, but calculated and not just the date.

One way of doing this is to have a script at startup set a global field to Date plus session number, so; <28.09.2001 01>

Use another script to manually change the session number if you need to. You can use scripts and calculations in thousands of ways now, to change the session number at given points, or at each new start etc.


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Another solution, not as clean but should work, would be to create a field

CurrentSession which would be auto enter to a value such as "X" and either have the script you use to search for the current session's records or your close script to reset this field to " ".

Show All Records

Replace [ CurrentSession, Replace data:Calculation: , "" ]

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This topic is 7577 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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