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Summarising age champions

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Dear All

I am in need of some assistance in getting FileMaker to report the age champions from the school athletics carnival. I have summary fields that total all of each athletes points that they accrue and have got as far as making FileMaker 'highlight' the person who has the most points. That's in one layout.

My problem is - I want to have another layout/report that only shows the top 3 age champions in each age group (opens, u17, u16 and so on). This is probably as clear as mud, but I think it's a fairly simple and easy thing to do.

Is anyone able to give me some assistance in doing this?

I can send the FileMaker file over to anyone who is able to help, it's small.

With many thanks



[email protected]

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hmmm, summarys would work, but how to find the top-3 of every age group?

do a sort by age group and by points, loop trough your records, keep the top 3 and ommit all the others until you come to a new age group.

Another approach: make as many self relation as you have age groups: create a global g_u16, fill it with "u16", create a self relation with this global to your age group field. You can catch all records with "u16" in a portal, sorted by points, where you can show only 3 records. Do so with all the other age groups, put all the portals on one layout.


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Hi, I have done lots of work with race timing systems for Mountain Bike and Triathlons. What I would do is allocate the age group using a calculation (so that everyone from age 30 to 34 would be allocated to category "M30-34" - just an example, I know its a bit old for school).

Then loop through a process which will - find all for that category, sort them out in decreasing points order, then allocate each one a place using a loop through those you've found and setting a "Place" field to be the StatusCurrentRecord Number. You now have each athlete allocated a place within their age category.

Now, Find all athletes with a place of either 1, 2 or 3 (this gets you first, second and third); sort them by age category then place; and go to a summary layout which is using the age category name as the sub-summary header.

Thats it.

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This topic is 7193 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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