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Newb::: help plz (relational/ portal)


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Hello all, Please help me on this problem:

I have an <PO file>, <daily order file>,< customer file>,<product file>-you could tell all these files are related (different files with relationships)

<PO file> I input customer information, PO information, date, products ordered (by color, description, quantity, price, dated due

<Daily order file> I don

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Perhaps what you want is to define a relationship between your P.O. file and your Daily Orders file based on the order date. You can then display all of the orders on a given date in a very large portal.

However since the numbers of orders on a given date may extend off of one page then formatting the output in a portal will not be very elegant.

Why not view the daily orders in the P.O. file directly through a Find step for the current date, then sort by P.O. number and create some nice summary layouts?

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thanx for responding mfero,

I already have the relationship between the Daily order and PO, and apreciate the other suggestion. The problem is that the second, third line, and so forth of the PO detail (which is the repeated portal rows), will not show on the summary or find. It only shows 1 item/PO

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Well I admit I rarely use repeating fields (never really figured them out I guess): However if I create a simple solution with repeating related records in a portal the repeating fields seem to show up fine and also work in Find steps. For the summary fields to work correctly they must be located in a subsummary part and both the PO and the Orders database must be sorted by date.

See the attached example. Is that what you were looking for?


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Thanks for the file example smile.gif. I saw what you did, but it isn't quite I am looking for frown.gif. If you see on the daily order, each PO order is still in portals, I was wondering if there is any how it could show in separate records.



Date: - Customer - PO# - Product # - Color - Qty

9/23/04 - toys r Us - A123 - NITENDO - SILVER - 5000

9/23/04 - toys r Us - A123 - Xbox - black - 10000

9/25/04 - Costco - P355 - Nitendo - Black - 2000

9/25/04 - Fry's - F123 - Xbox - back - 2000

9/26/04 - toys r Us - A456 - Nitendo - black - 10000

9/26/04 - toys r Us - A456 - Xbox - black - 200

... and so on

as you see, I have three 4 PO's- two from the same customer. other two from two different custome but on the same date. Reason I have to break down the portal in separate records, is to ease my work on other related databases/ records to find information or calculate information from this two databases,

I hope I am making any sense.

Thanks for your help smile.gif

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This topic is 7206 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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