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Has anybody a script for this? B)

I have a solution with 30 databases. One of them is the "HELP"-database, where i have all the help messages. In this database it would be nice to have a button that takes you back to the last database you left, before you went to the "HELP"-database.

Thank you very much in advance.

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You could add a global field PreviousDB (Text)to your help file that is populated when the user clicks the help button from whichever database.

Q. Do you have a constant relationship from each database to the help file ( 1-1 )

If yes you can use the setfield scriptstep from the calling database to

SetField PipeHelp::PreviousDB Status(CurrentFileName)

This will record the file that you were last in.

If not you will have to have a field in each DB that holds the current file name and copy that and paste into the help file.

As for getting back out, you could write a long IF script to check the value of the global field and go to that DB.

This is not dynamic in that each time you add a new file you will have to update the script.

Not sure if Old Man can come up with an easier solution, possibly something dynamic.

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So simple, yet missed.

Was in the scripting mode when looking at this post and got carried away. Somehow missed the logical answer when writing. Been here for 10 hours straight now, with my mindset in calculations and relationships.

Oh well, maybe take a break and come back later. Let the brain chill for a while.


Originally posted by danjacoby:

Just have the "Help" file ToggleWindow(maximize) when it opens. That way, it'll cover all the other windows. When you close it, the file you came from will still be in front.

I like simple solutions, I do.

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This topic is 7187 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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