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Filemaker 7 Server and VPN

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Hello all,

Running FM7 Server on Windows 2000 SP4 Server. Recently installed a Check Point VPN device and services and now FM7 Server won't allow the addition of new databases. When a new file is added to the directory it doesn't show up in the remote file listing and if tried to access by directly opening from the shared folder the user gets the "file in use" error, even though I know the file isn't in use.

Additionally, we keep getting a runtime error message when trying to use the Server Administrator Counsel on the server and when trying to use remote administration the program times out.

I believe that the installation of the VPN hardware and software has something to do with this problem. BUT I can't figure out what is causing the proble. Anybody have any experience with running FM7 and VPN [color:"red"] PLEASE advise . If you have experienced a simular problem and resolved it please let me know what you did.

Thanks in Advance.


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First of all, disable OS file sharing on your live files. That is the #1 reason for corrupted databases and leads to all sorts of problems including degraded performance. The harm may already been done...

Adding VPN in itself should not give you the problems you're having, I think your efforts should concentrate on why you're getting runtime errors when using the Admin console.

If you use the command line syntax, can you confirm that the new files are being hosted? What does the event log (Application & System ones) report as errors?



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This topic is 7204 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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