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holding a file name

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We are using FM4 as our listing system in real estate office - fantastic. I have got it doing just about everything (with some help from the forum).

We hold pictures of properties (.jpg)for printing window cards etc (linked not imbedded).

When we do advertising in mags, we copy, pase the different text field straight into WORD to make up the add, and send this to the printers along with associatted .jpg's.

Problem is that to send the associated photos, I need to have FM open, WORD, and Paint shop (or what ever), look at the photo in FM, find it in Paint shop, copy the file name and then pase into the WORD doc.

I would like to hold the file names as well as the photos in FM but havn't been able to figure out how. (somthing like right clicking on photo to get file name would be as good)

Suggestions appreciated.

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LOL – I just answered one question with regards to PDF Writer – and I think this could be your answer here too.

Set up the layouts you want to send to the printer in FMP including the text and images, then print these to a PDF file and send that to the printer. I don’t know how professional your printer is, but PDF is becoming the standard format for digital postscript files for large print works, so this shouldn’t be a problem for him – in fact, he will probably be happy, and you’ll get a better quality.


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This topic is 7167 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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