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Calculated Field References

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I have FieldOne with values A, B.

I have two other fields called BlockA and BlockB.

I am trying to write something that refers to either BlockA or BlockB depending on the value present in FieldOne. Something along the lines of: do something to the field called "Block" & "value-of-FieldOne".

For example, if the value of FieldOne is B, then I want to do something to the field called "Block" & "B", which is "BlockB".

Can anyone help me to write a calculation in FileMaker7 that refers to a field in this way?

Thanks for the help,


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You can't do anything to the BlockX field (unless it is an auto-entered calculation with 'Do not replace existing value for field' deselected) but you can base the calculation of other fields on it.

Use GetField("Block" & FieldOne) to retrieve the value of BlockX when X is the value of FieldOne.

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