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FM7 ODBC max # of fields in a SELECT ?!?!

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So I have ODBC running, and been nicely coding PHP w/odbc, I ran into some minor issues and was able to resolve them, but now I see a bug in the driver or FM.

- or so I think -

When I perform SELECT name1, name2,...name[N] with odbc_exec I get result but if N > 35, meaning if I select more then 35 columns I get the result in a circular fassion. Values returned for name[36] go into name[1] and so on. This overwrites my values in name[1]... brrr.. Is there a limit on number of columns you can select on? Is this a bug?

Basically I cannot select on more then 35 columns, which I despratelly need result for. The browser does not time out don't worry. And I am using PHP 4.3 to accomplish all this with odbc_exec command.


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Duplicate Post. Please delete either this one or the one in the Server forum.

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Ok so I tested now the same select w/mySQL and same odbc_exec / odbc_do and it works fine on mySQL, not FMSA7v2

DB Admin

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