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4.1 is SLOW loading!

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We are using 4.1 on 98 and it takes up to 10 mins to load. Now, before we upgraded PCs its was more like 1 min. We have also been told that we cannot upgrade our database to a new version.

Any tips? =)


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Clean out your temp folder. Then see if it loads faster.

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Howdy, jet! I think I also remember 1 of the FMFORUMS admins mentioning that FM likes drive speed more than CPU speed... meaning that a faster drive is better than a faster CPU so if the "faster" computer you upgraded to has a slower drive (rpm, scsi/ata, bus, etc.), your performance may actually decline. FM also does not take much RAM but if your computer is using drive space as RAM, that can slow things down tremendously, too.

FMP4.x should be upgradeable to any newer version, but it's a one-way trip. Newer versions of FM cannot downgrade databases to be run by older versions. FM7 has problems opening really old versions of FM so those would have to be converted to FM5/6 first and then converted to 7 (I forgot where the version cut-off on 7 is before you have to do it in 2 steps).

Hmm... slow loading... do you mean it is slow to open from the host computer running FM or slow to load from network users using the FILE > OPEN > HOSTS method? Or is this 1 db on 1 computer only?

Welcome to FMFORUMS!


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Ok, sorry I should have given more info smile.gif

We just upgraded our whole system. All new hardware that we are trying to get our older stuff to work with, IE Win98 with FM4.1. I will check into the drive speed first THANKS! As for the temp files, the machines have minimal temp files, as they are brand new and I double checked.

As for upgrading, we were told that our DB would not work the same if we upgraded? Im new to FM and this company so....not sure about FM at all sorry.

And what I mean by slow loading is, when the 98 machine users open FM4.1 it takes up to 10 mins to be useable, after it loads it seems to run fine.

Thanks again!

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