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Ben Feingold

How do I count text?

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I have two databases: Behavior & Classes

In the "Behavior" database I have a text field entitled Consequence where the staff chooses one of four possible consequences from a drop down: Time Out, Dismissal, EDR or Assessment.

In the "Classes" database I have four number fields that correspond to the consequences above. I would like for those fields to tally the total number of each consequence for each student.

Any thoughts?

Ben Feingold

Dearborn Academy

Arlington, MA

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You need to create a summary field for each of the four consequences. Then, assuming that you have relation between the files, you would put each of those fields on the student layout. They will sum correctly for each student!

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In Behaviour, create 4 calculations with these boolean formulas

cTimeOut --------Consequences ="Time Out"

cDismissal ------Consequences ="Dismissal"

cEDR --------------Consequences ="EDR"

cAssessment -- Consequences ="Assessment"

Then in Classes, with a relationship StudentID::StudentID

cTimeOut_u = Sum(BehaviourByStudentID::cTimeOut)

cDismissal_u= Sum(BehaviourByStudentID::cDismissal)



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