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Find Recordes when criteria is: field1=field2

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I am writing a find script, in which I would like to specify the find request

that Finds Records where table1::field1 = table1::field2

field2 is a global variable which I am using only to specify the values of field1 that I want to find. When I enter field2 into the find criteria, it trys to find values of field1 that = "field2", rather than the global value that field2 is set to. Does that make sense? How can I work around this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi chirt1, and welcome to FM Forums!

If this is a script, use table1::field2 without quotes in your Set Field statement. The quotes signify literal text.


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I will assume you are referring to specifying requests in either the Enter Find Mode or Perform Find step. Such requests can only be specified when their data is static, i.e., when you always want to find the same thing. For dynamic requests, you don't specify requests, but instead use Set Field as in

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [table1::field1; table1::field2]

Perform Find [ ]

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