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Enter Find Mode[pause] - shows actual data

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I have a Find script that switches to a layout and then has Enter Find Mode[pause]. While the script is paused here, the user may click certain buttons. One of them is labeled Show All, which runs the Show All script that basically just does "Show All Records" followed by Exit Script. When this is clicked, the found set is forgotten and the Find script remains paused in Enter Find Mode[pause], just as I would expect.

However, the fields in the layout, which were blank before, are now filled in with data from the current record.

Why is this?

Thanks for any insights!


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It's not still in Find Mode after the Show All Records step; it's in Browse Mode, just paused. Format your button to Halt the currently running script and you won't end up paused in Browse Mode.

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Seems to work great; thanks!

I think this is what you suggested. Before I had not selected "Halt currently-running script". I can't imagine what was happening when ShowAllButton ran PerformScript[Find], if the current Find script was stuck in Browse[pause].


-- Go to layout xxx

-- Enter Find Mode[pause]

ShowAllButton: (Halt currently-running script)

-- Show All Records

-- Perform Script["Find"]

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