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Nick Belli

Controlling display of portal records

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I am using a portal to create records related to the main db record. Displaying a new record in the main db causes a blank record from the db in the portal to be displayed. Entering info in the portal creates the record in the related db and causes a new blank to display. Each time you enter info into the blank a new blank is created. The "blank record" does not actually exist in the related db.

The problem is the blank record displays whether I want it to or not, even when I am printing out a record from the main db with its associated records from the related db in a portal.

How can I turn off this "feature". While entering records, this behavior is great, but when I leave the enter mode, I don't want the user to see "blank records" in the portal. And I certainly don't want the "blank record" to print out with its form and labels.

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Use a duplicate relationship with 'Allow creation of related records' deselected for any portals where you don't want the blank row to display.

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