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I have some issues regarding IWP. I have two files..a) a database file, and : a custom html file. I have set IWP option On for the database file. How do I tell IWP to display the customized html file?

In version 6, in the Web Companion Configuration dialog box, in the Web Companion User Interface section, from the Home page drop-down list, i can select the custom html page.

How do I do the same thing in Version7?



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There's no easy way to make a custom home page with version 7. There are some threads in this forum that discuss digging around in the IWP resource files and modifying them by hand though....

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Hmmm.... It may not be worth the trouble in your case, but I suppose some folks may want to consider using both Instant Web Publishing AND Custom Web Publishing in order to get that custom start page. Mac OS X has Apache built-in and is ready-to-go; Windows users can download and install Apache (or IIS) although this may require a little technical skill to set up.

If you don't have enough web server experience to do it yourself, maybe you can find someone to just help get it set up initially. Once in place, you'd be able to customize a home page and create links directly to the IWP db's, bypassing the FM built-in page. You'd also be able to create standard static web pages for non-db information, too.

I don't have FM7, but that's what I'd probably recommend to folks at my campus if they didn't have enough tech staff to go custom all the way.


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