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Two fields, a portal, and a relationship

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Currently I have a portal based on data entered into a global field (let say gMake).

When clicking on a row of the portal, there is a script that populates other global fields, (gModel, gYear, gColor).

However, the specs for the interface has changed now, and now I have to have two fields but only one portal. In other words, Now I need gMake and gMake_Replace. When the user puts in Ford into gMake, then clicks on the appropriate portal record with button, it will populate gModel, gYear, & gColor. Then the user should click into field gMake_Replace. New values should come up in the same portal, and when the user clicks on the portal row, the fields gModel_replace, gYear_replace, gColor_replace should be populated.

Now, I wanted to try and do some kind of Get(ActiveFieldName) to execute what the last field was, either gMake or gMake_replace, when the user clicks on the portal row and executes the script, but once the portal is clicked, that function is no longer valid.

So I figured I need to match on some kind of third field (gLastfieldEntered) that holds the name of the last field that was entered.

It would be nice to execute a script once exiting a field to set this third field, but I didnt think it was possible to execute a script when a field is exited. Is there a plug-in of some sorts? I am not sure what I can do or the correct fields to use for this problem.

P.S. I dont think this was necessarily a portal question, so if I posted it eh wrong forum, then I apologize ahead of time.

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Thanx Soren. I ended up finding the appropriate EventScript plugin and running a script to do it. Too bad I couldnt find it originally with the search that I ran. Maybe I just looked for the wrong keywords. I ended up finding out about it by just manually reading through past posts in the plugin section. That method works too. :-) Again thank you. I will look through the posted sample code in your post anyway out of curiousity.

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This topic is 6629 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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