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I want a button that gives information when selected. I tried making a field and using popups, but the information presented that way is untidy and to make it legible I had to break the text (a couple of paragraphs) into groups which then became selectable. There is a limit to the size of the text that way as well, so that I was losing a lot of what I wanted to present. I only want the full text to show in the same field (button) or maybe a popup field nearby. It is simple to do in Excel, just hovering the mouse over a mark on the page brings up the information box I am talking about. It would be nice to have that in FP as well, so that the user could put the cursor over a selectable button or title of the field and get information about the choices.

I figured a script was what I wanted, and reading the Help (and my book by Steve Lane et al) it looks easy. But all I get is an hour glass.

What sort of button do I need? I thought it could be anything, even a blank part of the layout, but maybe it has to be a text field? Where can I type the text I want? In scriptmaker? Is there a limit on the size of the text entry and is it formatable? Do I have to specify a field or layout if I type the text straight into the scriptmaker page?

I was getting some text to appear in another field (whatever had been or was subsequently selected) but I want it to appear in the same field as the button, and that is the hard part.

Following the steps in the Help menu does not work for me; I must be missing something basic and would appreciate some help..

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This topic is 6601 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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