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refresh dynamic value lists


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I have several dynamic value lists that are all dependant on each other. When I change one value in a value list I would like the value lists that are dependent that list to be refreshed or automaticlally show a blank. This will force the user to select data from those fields. The problem is that when I change one field the remaining fields still shows data from a prior selection which might not necesarily be a member the value list. This is temporariliy throwing off some calculations. I have tried an auto enter but have not had any success.

Thanks for the help


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I think that your best bet would be to have a script created to change these fields to blanks.

Leave the first field out of any tab order.

Link a script to the first field that does the following:

1) Use the SetField(field02, "") to clear out each of the successive fields.

2) Go To Field (field01)

This will accomplish 2 things, your fields will be reset, and your cursor will be placed back into the first field for data entry purposes. This only works well with popup lists, not popup menus.

If you need to keep everything as popup menus, I would suggest making the first field a popup list and set it for validation against it's own value list under define fields. You can then keep the remainder of your fields as popup menus. Not very asthetic, but it works.

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Menus work better on Windows, while lists work better on Macs.

There is a sample I posted in this thread, which demonstrates a way to auto-clear a field that is based on a value list, in versions below 7. It can be adapted to apply to several fields; just make sure that the creation order of the fields involved matches that of your sublevels, so that the fields are updated in the correct order.

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This topic is 6628 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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