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Time Bomb Your Demo

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Here is a sample solution that uses the Accounts & Privileges to aid in time bombing your demos.

The concept is relatively simple.

The guest access is disabled and the file is set to auto log in as the demo user with the demo password.

Once the user registers a new account is created. The user may also turn on password protection, then the demo account is disabled thus prompting for account and password. If they choose to disable password protection the account is deleted and then re added with out a password and the demo account is enabled.

The scripts check to see if the solution is registered if it is it will auto login as the registered user allowing access to the rest of the solution.

This is setup to demonstrate this concept. It is in very rough form but does work.

At present this demonstrates use-ware in that the demo will expire after xx clicks on designated buttons/scripts. When they expire the user is required to register the solution in order to proceed. With a little more work you could set it up to expire also on time or even on launches.



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