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FMP Licensing on a terminal server


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With FileMaker 5.5 or 6 installed on our terminal server (we don't have a volume license yet unfortunately) only one person can access the database at a time.

FileMaker starts, then closes if someone else tries to get in to the databases whilst another terminal services user is using it.

There are 7 accounts on our terminal server and if noone is in the databases, any one of those 7 users can open it!

Although I did something clever. Installed an old copy of FileMaker 5.5 and FileMaker 6 on the terminal server.

Then you can have 2 users accessing the databases at the same time, on the same computer!!

I had to write a clever startup script to detect whether filemaker 5.5 or 6 is open, to open the other. I used a freeware thing called AutoIt to make a small text file with the opened version in it so then I just open the other version.

Not sure if this would work with filemaker 7 though.

Still in 6 territory here.



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Laker 42 is correct - if you have a volume license version of FileMaker, as many people as you want can access the databases.

However, FileMaker's official stance its that you are legally supposed to purchase the site license for as many users as would possibly use fileMaker - their old policy (with FM 6) was that if you could legally have 10% more users than the license you purchased - if you bought a license for 50 users, you could legally have up to 55 - not 55 concurrently - 55 total.

In any case, the application doesn't actually check the number of users connected so 100 users coould be connected and it wouldn't know.

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This topic is 6748 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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