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Remote Access -- Portal indexing Speed?


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Hello Everyone,

I am using remote access between two computers (Internet -- FL & NY). One connection is a cable modem (client) and the other is a burstable T-3 (Host). I am running on FM7 Client on both machines.

Everything seems to be fast until you go to a page with a portal. The client side says it takes "along time" (maybe a couple a min) to index itself from the host.

Is there any way to speed the indexing up on the portals. Maybe cache size or something.

Thank you,


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Here's some things to check:

If this is an older version converted to V7, check to make sure all unused file references are deleted - this will cause slowdowns you mention.

Check to make sure the keyfield for the portal relation is indexed. If it is based on a calculation field, especially if it cannot be stored (indexed), you may need to find another way of setting the keyfield.

I had a similar situation where a portal keyfield was a calculation that caused the portal to take over 5 minutes to display. No matter what I tried it was slow. I changed the keyfield to an indexed text field and used a lookup to set the keyfield - the result was that the portal displayed in less than 30 seconds - much more acceptable.

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This topic is 6613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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