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Server Question........Sort of


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My database pivots around a networked solution.

I so far have four computers linked through the network.

Computer 1 is a dedicated G5 Server running filemaker Server with filesharing turned OFF.

Computer 2 is also a dedicated G5 Imac Server with filesharing turned ON.

This computer, so far, only holds PDF files that are referenced via container fields in the client stations.

Computer 3 is a G4 running FM Developer with Filesharing turned ON.

This is a client station and where I do most of my work.

Computer 4 is a G3 client station running FM 7 with filesharing turned ON.

This is the computer that the guys in my shop get their information from.

I would like to bring my shop foreman into the office to teach him how to run filemaker.

I keep looking at computer number 2, thinking that there's a lot of horsepower tied up to just hold images. (I got it because it had a superdrive which seemed to make sense for backups).

Could I install another FM license on this machine and make it do double duty as an image server

and a client station?

I am reasonably certain I could keep the images separated from filemaker but are there any other corruption issues I need to be aware of?

How much computer do I need to hold these PDF images?

They are only accessed via the container fields and this is done as a reference to the file.

Would a real old Imac do the job?

Thanks for any help here,


PS: Many many thanks to Fenton for all his help in getting this network up & running.

Everything worked the way he said it should and you gotta like that!

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Considering the size of your network, I can't imagine that there would be a bottleneck problem. Also, I believe that in OSX a computer can find itself on the network (when dealing with referenced files). I think your best bet is to sit down at Computer 2 and see how well it runs with FMP on it, and if it's good enough, you're all set. I think it should be fine.


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You have a setup, where you have a fm server and a fileserver. (Computer 2) You must consider that a server should be a server, and therefore a machine, where you do not do any client work on.

Anyway, as you have described your setup, you don't need the computer 2 to act as a fileserver. If the only function this machine has, is to hold pdf docs, that are referenced in fm, I would consider taking off that machine. The reason is that you can import the pdf docs, to be contained within fm. In a setup like yours, where you don't have many clients, this would be preferable. And if you do so, you have your computer 2 free from the setup, so you can give it to your new employee.

You ask if an old Imac could act as such small fileserver; yes ! As long as your needs is only to serve pdf files to 3 - 5 computers. (not much traffic)

;-) Claus

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This topic is 6618 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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