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Custom Function trashed or file trashed?


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Hello everyone,

I have a Records Bar custom function which I use in every table. It is simple unstored text calculation = RecordBar. It has worked for months in all tables and continues to work in all - except one. In my Products table (when using Status Area and forward/back through records), the RecordBar calculation displays:

64 of 64 unsorted - next record displays 4 of 127 sorted .... etc. totally inconsistent. But the Status Area shows the right results. I deleted the field and placed a new one - same results - wonky! New layout didn't solve it. I finally deleted the Record Bar calculation and recreated it and the problem was fixed (I left the CF intact).

Question ...

I'm concerned about the integrity of my file. I haven't had any crashes with this file (unless it was when I was gone last week and I wasn't told). I have modified this design for 26 hours (since Friday end of work-day). Of course I back up - but ALL of my backup copies from this weekend produce this same wonky result. Nothing else in my file seems affected.

It all appears fine now but I'm concerned. Should I trash 26 hours of work to be sure I'm working with a good file? I can't go back through the week because those backups are at work. Or should I keep working and assume it was just one of those things. I really can't afford to trash the last 26 hours ... but neither can I afford to have other unidentified problems which might bite me later.

Or should I just export my Products data and recreate that one table? What would you do if you were in my place - trust the file or not? Again, separation model makes more and more sense. crazy.gif


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This topic is 6627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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