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import digital camera images on windows?

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ok, i have been playing with and loving the import image from camera feature -- only to realize that it's not available on fm7 under windows.

what's up with that? don't windows users use digital cameras? i would really like to include this feature in a new application being developed and the majority of it's users are on windows.

i'll tell you what, after being unable to do a voice-notation system because of the container field's lack of playback controls on a sound file recorded into fm7, i'm growing quite disillusioned with container fields. can we finish up some of these half-baked features, FMI?

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well, at least they can import an existing image on the hard drive into a container field on windows, but it's up to something else to get those images onto their harddrive.

does anyone who's a windows expert no if there is a standard way/place that digital images get loaded onto the hard drive from a digital cam, like iPhoto and the user/photos/ directory in OS X? maybe then i could at least speed the process up for windows users, making our app no where to check for images.

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thanks for the windows picture storage info, good to know. living and developing on mac's for distribution to PC's is frought with frustration - there's some fun and slick stuff FM can do on a mac it can't do on a PC, or not without workarounds. not to mention adjusting design for the two very different looking and working OS environments.

i don't see FMP selling macs, so they should work to make the Windows version as good or better than the Mac version. Super-cool mac-only features are promoted heavily but used by far less than half their base.

How about someone put together a plug-in for windows that imports and manages digital images? With digital cameras on everyone's phone, and even standalone USB cameras going for $20 now, FMP should be on the forefront of visual and multimedia storage.

Overall I feel like Container fields are half-baked. They are adding features without finishing the pre-existing ones. I don't accept placing the blame on MS or Apple -- FMI has obviously shown the ability to do real programming outside of the OS-provided tools. If FMP handled more image types - Flash, animated images, had native movie and sound file controls (play, ff, rew, record if possible), heck even an MP3 player and Movie Player in FMP, then I can see some real cool systems being put together. It would also play well against the weaknesses of just about every other db system out there: multimedia.

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This topic is 6604 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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