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Getting e-mails into FM

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This is a fairly simple question (for all of you), but one I need an answer for. I have several hundred e-mails I'd like to capture into FM. I need to parse unneeded lines and put my field info into FM fields. Here is a sample below of one of the e-mails. Any help will be appreciated. Please excuse my newbeeness.

The following is the contents of a form submitted on 20-Jan-05 at 03:11 PM:

FIRST_NAME: neville

LAST_NAME: ribeiro

ADDRESS: 4254 renoak


CITY: mississauga

STATE: ontario

ZIP: l5c 4k1


PHONE: 905 275 8285


EMAIL: [email protected]

ENG_MAKE: o320 h2ad







COMMENTS: have a N model 1980 with doing a rebuild don't have a core

would like a price on an stc'd d2j convert or up grade to a 180hp o360 engine. coming down to fulton newyork on tuesday. would it be convenient to tour your facality . also like a list of you stc's


EMAILTO: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

EMAILFROM: [email protected]


EMAILCONFIRM: http://www.pennyanaero.com/thanks.asp

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Hi Tom, and welcome to the Forum.

Use the "Search" (found at the top of each page) to perform a "Search", in "All Forums", using the "Keywords" and the + as follows:

+Extract +Email +Address

Eliminate the 1 in "Weeks" and it will return 34 hits.

Included in the Hits, are even a couple of sample files on how to do this. Check out the one by CobaltSky, because if I remember rightly, it does exactly what you are asking.




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Thank you Lee,

I'm afraid I need to up my chops in FM scripting as most of the replys were over my head. I did download POP3it however and I'll try using it to parse the info I need from the e-mails. My only problem is that it hangs when I try to configure it (rotating beach ball). I'll keep crusin' the forum.

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This topic is 6613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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