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Find on non-indexed field


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I have 5 fields:

group (number),

record_number(calc, Get(recordnumber),

record_number_max (summary, max of record_number)

rec_num_getsummary (calc, getsummary(record_number_max; group)

highest_record_number_flag (calc as text, if(rec_num_getsummary = record_number; "X", "")

I want to get an x in highest_record_number_flag when I have the maximum record number in each group. This works fine.

However, when I try to find only these record, by placing a search on X in the highest_record_number_flag, or searching on non-blank with * in this field, I get the message "No records match this set of find requests."

Do I have another misunderstanding? Can I not do a find in this field? Do I need to also place a criteria in an indexed field? Thanks for any advice.

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The problem here is that summary fields and Get(RecordNumber) are dependent on the found set and its sort order. So the information doesn't exist when in Find Mode.

I would suggest creating a self-relationship based on group, with no sort order defined, and a calculation (with a numeric result) of

serial = Last(selfrelationship::serial)

where serial is your unique id field. Format this calculation field as a checkbox, using a value list of 1. Then the field will display a check, X, when true and nothing when false.

If you really want to use an actual "X", then

Case( serial = Last(selfrelationship::serial); "X" )

with a text result, should work.

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This topic is 6622 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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