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paste sound in container?

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Trying to ad soundfiles into container fields.

I would like to have the container field holding the sounds, so the soundfiles are not neede anymore.

With Quicktime insert the container field, it just uses a link to the file.

Only with Insert Sound... does the container field contain the sound. But this is not an option for me because the microphone of the computer is then used and then the quality of the sound really decreases. Also try recording a 1 sec. sound this way, it becomes atleast 3 seconds, depending how fast you click.

I've been trying to Paste the sound in the containter field, but I can't get it to work at all. Copied the waveform of the Wav, Quicktime and AIFF format but none of them get pasted in the field.

Does anyone know how to get audio into the container field and not linking it to a separate file? confused.gif I need to have this working for MAC and PC.


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This is a serious problem for me as well!! Inserting the file (or object) does not meet the need. There is not an option under the insert Quicktime dialog to choose whether or not (and I want NOT) to store only a reference to the file (as there is with the Insert Picture dialog). There must be someone out there who can help us solve this problem!!! Thanks!!

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I have found that if you set up a container field on your layout, and then enter browse mode, click on the field (make sure under format field behavior, you have the option selected to enter the field in browse mode), then you drag and drop any file you want into the field...for instance, I was putting mp3's in my container fields, and all I did was have them in a folder, I put my layout in browse mode after putting the container field on the layout, and then dragged the mp3 file from my folder into that container field. So while the file is still on your computer, you can right click on it, and say open with, and pick your program, then drag and drop it, and it will open from filemaker in whatever application you just chose.


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This topic is 6412 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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