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Open URL Bug?

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i have tried using open url in Filemaker 7. Seems fine until however it will not open a non http:// link when i use IWP.

My link in the field is mms://ttsetav01/bodybeautiful.wmv (It's a video streamining file).

when i click open URL button in IWP

It becomes http://mms//ttsetav01/bodybeautiful.wmv (It replaces my link)

What is happening? Has anyone found a way to solve it? Thanks.

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Sorry, at this point I don't have a fix either. This started happening with me as well, while it worked fine before. The URL refers to a pdf document on our network. All permissions are open. When I click the link, it opens IE, pops the URL in the address bar, and adds that annoying "http://", preceding my link, and then I get a "The page cannot be displayed" error. I've even tried adding "file://" in front of the url, but it still pops in the "http://" prefix.

I am using FM7 on Windows 2000. I've been all over the MS Knowledge base and I can only find articles relating to shutting off AutoComplete, which doesn't work either. I'm wondering if one of MS latest updates has affected this somehow.

I can't figure if this is a FM problem or a Windows problem. Help anyone?



[email protected]

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Here is a workaround I just found on an earlier thread from last November.

Use a backslash "" right after the address portion of the URL. Your calculation result would look soomething like


Note that you need the double backslash escape sequence for FM to accept this as a valid text string.


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This topic is 6601 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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