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[PR] Publish custom web pages w/out Server 7 Adv.


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Is your wallet in DENIAL and you don't even live in Egypt?

Pull up a chair at CAFEphp and RELAX!

Now you can publish your custom site to the web without FileMaker Server 7 Advanced!


Daytona Beach, Fl. - February 22, 2005- When you need information immediately, where do you turn? If you said the web, you get a cookie. FMWebschool believes that "custom" FileMaker web publishing should be available to everyone, just like your local Cafe. That is why we have spent the last 6 months developing CAFEphp.

CAFEphp is a server that enables you to connect to FileMaker Client and serve your custom pages to the web. Perform complex queries across multiple tables, sort, edit and update records, create new records and more!

CAFEphp takes about 5 minutes to install and set up. How is that for ease of use? CAFEphp also comes with example files to help you get started. We include a database with multiple tables, and example web files.

CAFEphp is perfect for individuals and small to medium sized businesses that want the freedom of building a customized solution without being limited by the cost of other software on the market. Why buy costly software with dozens of features you will never use? CAFEphp is extremely powerful and offers literally dozens of options without investing a lot of money in server software.

Some of the key benefits are:

* CAFEphp works with FileMaker Client (version 7)

* CAFEphp module for 5 and 6 to be released next week

* Inexpensive powerful way to serve your solution to the web

* Easy to setup! You can be up and running in 5 minutes

* Works with Windows XP (Windows Server Software is not needed)

* Cost less than any other server software for FileMaker

* Allows you to integrate PHP and the entire SQL Library for FileMaker in your web queries

Some of the features

* Create new records

* Create new records across multiple tables

* Perform simple finds

* Perform complex finds across multiple tables

* Sort ascending/descending

* Edit/Update records

* Value list

* Portals

* Delete Records

* Display Images

* Use all SQL queries available to FileMaker

You can download a demo of CAFEphp at http://www.cafephp.com

FMWebschool is running a special on CAFEphp for the next week. Purchase a copy of CAFEphp now, and receive $30.00 off the list price. Educational pricing available.

FMWebschool has long been known in the FileMaker community as the top resource for FileMaker Web Publishing. FMWebschool has worked with Fortune 500 companies and has had the pleasure of training and developing FileMaker driven websites for clients around the world. FMWebschool develops software to enable individuals to bring FileMaker to the web.

If you would like to contact FMWebschool about CAFEphp:



[email protected]

In Kindness

Stephen K. Knight






Professional FileMaker Web Services

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Questions and Answers we have received

FMWebschool is proud to announce CAFEphp. http://www.cafephp.com Learn how

in 5 Minutes!

We have received a great deal of questions about CAFEphp so I am going to do

my best to answer them.

* What is CAFEphp?

CAFEphp is a Windows based solution that enables you to create and serve

your FileMaker websites with FileMaker Pro. You do not need Server or

Server Advanced.

* How difficult is it to set up?

You can set up CAFEphp and Apache in 5 minutes. We provide an easy tutorial

that tells you how at: http://www.cafephp.com/5min.pdf

* Will there be a Mac version/ how can I use CAFEphp on my Mac right now?

Yes we are working on a Mac version right now. CAFEphp is so inexpensive,

that you could serve your database files on a Mac, and run CAFEphp and your

web files on a PC box. With a price tag of $199, you save thousands.

* Can I run complex queries against FileMaker?

Yes, you can run complex queries across multiple tables. We make use of the

entire SQL library supported by FileMaker. This makes CAFEphp extremely


* Can I create new tables on the fly with CAFEphp?

Yes you can smile.gif

* Will CAFEphp work with FileMaker 5 and 6?

We will release a version in March that will work with 5 and 6. We have

beta tested the new interface with 6.

* Why is there a problem with the FileMaker ODBC driver Installer?

The ODBC driver used by FileMaker is fine, the Installer...had a glitch. We

have written a PDF and included it with the demo files to correct the ODBC


* CAFEphp will remain at the introductory sales price for a week. After

that the price will go up to $229.99. We think this is an awesome price for

a great solution. If you are tired by the limitations of IWP and want to

publish to publish custom sites to the web with FileMaker, CAFEphp is the

way to go.

* Please contact FMWebschool at 800.353.7950 or 386.453.5843 with further

questions smile.gif

In Kindness

Stephen K. Knight



Professional FileMaker Web Services

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This topic is 6601 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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