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compatability with Outlook v6?


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I've just switched from years of using FMP5 with Macs. I am now using Windows XP. Never before have I had any problem sending emails in all sorts of configurations from my databases. Now the simple SEND MAIL script will not work.

OUTLOOK EXPRESS version 6 is set as my default mailer. I use FMP5. Is OUTLOOK v6 compatable with FMP5 email script step?

If not - does anybody have any other suggestion at all to try? I am stumped over this very simple function!

Should I just pour some brandy on it?


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You could always try this old trick...

Use the Open URL script step and in the URL field go mailto:[email protected]

Unfortunately you still have to manually send the message, and paste the text/subject in to place.

Not useful if you're trying an automatic mailing program.

I had problems with the Send Mail script step as well, and it didn't work with Outlook 2000/XP, Mail.app in OSX, Thunderbird 1 in OSX.

Sending automatic emails was such a critical function of our databases that I bought a great plugin called SMTPit from http://www.cnsplug-ins.com

That works a treat as it completely bypasses your mail program and communicates directly with your ISPs SMTP server.

Before we bought that plugin I did try writing a macro using AutoIt and using a command line mail program called bmail. I called this external compiled macro from the database with a load of switches like -subject SUBJECT, which then fired off the email, using the text, subject, to and from fields passed to it from the command line.

All a bit complicated to set up though. And not as consistent as you would like.

It did work though.

But I decided to buy a dev license for the SMTPit plugin as it's that good.

You can pick up a single user license for $55 - not that much to solve this problem if you don't have any success.

Why you should be having problems with Outlook 6 though, is beyond me.

That's a pretty old version I think - so it should work.

Try the brandy and see if that does the trick.


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Wim D asked if there were any error messages. None. Just a tiny blip-screen hiccup ... and then nothing.

Batfast suggested purchasing a plug-in. Thanks for the suggestion and for naming a plug-in that you've found to be reliable.

Is there another common emailer (like Express - or Eudora which I use in my Mac platforms) which I can use instead of Express? Is there a list somewhere of compatable email software for Windows?

Thanks for the help ---

and I'm running low on brandy ---

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This topic is 6603 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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