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Committing Records in an external table/file

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I don't know if this is the appropriate category or not...

The database system we're designing uses a centralized Location File. The file contains a table that stores addresses. Other files use this centralized location file to store locations related to the file's own tables.

The idea is that a user will be able to search for an address and find all references to it across the database system. For example, File A, B, and C all use the location file. The location file is searched for an address. When an address is found, it will then be easy to determine which file it belongs to and do whatever is needed...

To make things more complicated, we have users that work offline. They need to download the data from the server.

The problem I am having is this...

First I create a record in a table related to the location table.

Then I type in the address, creating the location record in the external table(this is all done on one layout)

Next, I attempt to download the data to the laptop. The main record downloads, but the location does not.

However, I noticed that if I exit the main records file, then try to download the data, then the location record will be downloaded as well.

Reading other posts, I decided to try the script step "Refresh Window" with the flush join cache option turned on. This doesn't seem to work consistantly.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Hopefully I've explained the problem clearly, if not, let me know.

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New related records or changes to existing ones are not committed until their parent record is committed. You can commit either by clicking outside of the related field/portal or using a Commit Records script step.

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This topic is 6687 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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