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Weird printing issue. It thinks the paper is 1/2 larger?


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I have noticed this in both FM7 and FM8, but we never had an issue in FM5.

My network is setup with all printers being shared by my primary domain controller. From here all the WinXP Pro boxes get mapped printers on login. It works great for everything, but it seems like many times I go to print in FM7 or FM8 and it prints to a paper I dont have.

I have tripple-checked all settings as far as page setup, what paper I have installed in the printer.. and sometimes it does work? Otherwise the printer flags and says put in A3 paper into manual feed?

I too notice in layout mode that when I change the page setup over to my virtual printer the margins get smaller. Then when I change back to a network printer they get about .5" larger all around?

If I print to a PDF, or our fax server it works everytime. It's just printing to our 5100LJ, or N40.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Are you printing to laser or ink jet printers?

Sounds to me like it is an issue with the printer driver that is being used to print.

Are you setting up the layouts with the destination printer selected?

Often times you have to format for the least common denominator, so you might need to make your print area smaller to account for the changes.

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This topic is 5761 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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