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Can't create more than on record in subform

Kevin Cheesman

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This is probably a simple mistake but I'm used to MS Access so FileMaker seems a bit strange at the moment. Please be gentle!

I've made a form which is my Contacts table. I have a portal which lists fields from my Contact History table and joined them on the ID field. I want to show records in the portal that relate to the records on the main form records.

On click of a button, I can update the first record in the portal with time of call etc, but on further clicks, the same record is updated when I need a new record to be added.

Can anyone help?

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Hi Kevin

put the button into the top row of the portal in layout mode.

The button will then appear alongside each row in the portal and if you have 'allow creation of records' switched on as an option in the relationship that is used in the portal you will also have a new blank record at the bottom of your portal.

Clicking the button will then apply the script steps, where applicable, to the portal row that the button was clicked in



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Hi Phil,

Thanks for that but...

I don't want to touch the portal and need it locked to prevent user alteration of the information in it. The portal needs to just show information created by actions on the main form and show a history of those actions.

What I need is to 'on click', create a new record with information copied over from the main form but I can only seem to alter the current record in the portal.


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Ok then would this do what you want (I am assuming here that the portal shows data from a table in the same file and not an external file.)

In the script that you have attached to your button try this

Freeze window

Go to layout(any layout that shows data from the related file)

New Record /Request

Set field (uniqueID;Get(ScriptParameter))

Set field (anyotherfield;whateveryou want)


commit record

go to layout 'your original layout'

Refresh screen.

When calling this script if you attach the current record ID as a script parameter you should see nothing happening on your screen except the new record and the required data associated with it showing in your portal





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This topic is 5724 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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