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Help with relationships and multiple value lists

Graham A

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I have a database containing various safety warnings to appear on product packaging. eg do not use near fire, wipe clean only, not suitable for children under 18 months etc. There are 125 different safety warnings in total each appearing in 6 different languages. Each product may require between 3 and 15 safety warnings in each of the 6 different languages.

I want to set up a database that collates the various safety warnings for each product and dumps them into 6 seperate fields one for each language which I can then copy and paste onto the packaging artwork.

Ideally I thought if I created a file containing a field for the product code and 15 pop-up value lists each containing all 125 product safety warning numbers I can scroll through the lists one at a time selecting the require warnings in order and have 6 fields at the bottom of the page for the selected warnings to flow into (one for each language) I can then copy and paste as mentioned earlier.

Even as I type this it sounds easy but I just can't get my head round how to achieve it in FM. Is anyone prepared to go through the steps in fairly laymans terms before I run out of hair to pull out!!!

Thanks Graham

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First of all you should create a warnings library. Each warning is a record with a unique ID. Create a different field for each language you need.

WarningID (text)

English (text)

French (text)

German (text)

Spanish (text)

Itialian (text)

Russian (text)

Also create a calc field that = 1

In your other db create another constant field = 1 then create a relationship between the two constant fields.

This will then allow you to create a portal to view the entire warning db.

Create 1 field in this database (text) that will be the lookup for the warnings.

Since a product can have multiple warnings you would put the warning ID in this field seperated by returns:


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This topic is 8176 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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