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Help me to get this relationship to work (indexing)

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Hi there. I have this relationship. It is pretty easy to understand, but it wont work because my calculation field cannot be indexed because it references a field from another db.

Here is the relationship: -

Client Database::Contact_Calc - REL - Contact_History_DB::Contact_Calc2

Client Database::Contact_Calc field

Contacted_Date_Sort & " " & Originator_Sort

Contact_History_DB::Contact_Calc2 field

Contact_Date & " " & case(Client_Database_ Rel::Originator_Sort = "All"; "All"; Originator)

As you can see, the Contact_Calc2 field cannot be indexed because it uses a relationship field. Basically, if the Originator_Sort field has "All" (view all Originators of that date).

Client_Database_Rel is a basic relationship of 1 - REL - 1 to view all Clients.

So, in conclusion, I want all Originators when "All" is the contents in the Originator_Sort field. That what the case checks.

I hope this makes sense... frown.gif

Steve Griff

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Use a lookup to get around the unstored value problem. Be aware that the looked-up value won't change if the "related" value that generates it is modified.

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Well, gee, Andy,

So many of us have so many relationship problems, whenever we actually end up with a good relationship it's quite a feeling. I don't think that cool.gifsmile.giflaugh.giftongue.gifshocked.gifsmile.gif is at all excessive; I'm sure that I'd have a similar reaction ...

If only I could solve my relationship troubles. crazy.gif

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I agree that

wasn't excessive.

I was just playing when I said I thought it only needed one ho!

I am always happy when someone manages to solve a problem from the experts found in this forum.

Anyway, this is the second or third time you have mentioned your relationship problems.

Wanna talk about it?

Have you tried to compound the multikey with a concatenating response!!!

(Even I don't understand that! )

[ March 08, 2002, 05:08 AM: Message edited by: Andy Gaunt ]

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Well, doctor, it all began when my parents...

Hmmmm...yes, I understand.

Now, don't you feel better for talking about this!

The doctor will see you know. Opening hours are whenever a new message is posted.

If you have filemaker, or personal problems, it seems this could be the place to be.

I think we would need a new category. What to call it though!?!

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Good call Dan, but who should be the administering doctor for this particular section.

I vote Vaughan, or Old Advance Man. We would of course have to have you as an on call doctor...available for those....how shall we say...delicate subjects.

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This topic is 7973 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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