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Related Field Won't Refresh When Source Changes


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I have a schedule displayed onscreen, and I allow the user to "move" contacts between timeslots in that schedule.

Before moving it, I use a script to see if the contact already exists in the destination timeslot. To do this verify (I'll explain this as simply as I can), I have the calculation field [ContactID & "~" & Timeslot] both in my Master Schedule file and the ScheduleLines file. I simply relate from the Master to the Lines, and if related records come up, I know that the contact is already in the destination time (at which point, a message comes up and the move is cancelled).

Unfortunately, when I choose a contact and the Calculation Field updates, the relationship to ScheduleLines does not refresh. It will show related records and values when there aren't any.

However, if I pause the verify script mid-way and click in a Related Field, it suddenly refreshes and correctly becomes blank. Likewise, if my script goes to a different layout, returns, and refreshes the window, the relation will then refresh.

While this whole "switch layouts and refresh" method is a good workaround, it displays those annoying split-second screen glitches while refreshing. I really do not understand why FileMaker will not relookup the related records when the relationship source changes. :)

Any explanations or suggestions are appreciated. :)


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Great idea, IdealData! It really solves my problem! :)

Simply going "Exit Record", "Go to Field", "Exit Record" refreshed it completely.... no window refreshes necessary.

Don't know why I didn't think of that before. After all, I did say that the manual click-method worked; putting it into script-form is common sense.

Oh well, that sounds like me. When I spend several hours bent on solving one single annoyance, I have trouble "seeing the forest because of all the trees". :jester: I'm sure I'll learn my lesson soon enough....

Anyway, thanks for the support IdealData.

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This topic is 5706 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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