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Flag a difference of opinion where ID is the same


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I can't seem to find a good way to do this, lack of experience, I'm sure. I have a database of Applicants, I have some Reviewers in another table, I have a bridge table Applicant_intvscore_Reviewer so that I can assign 2 reviewers to each applicant.

When the reviewers disagree on whether to accept or deny the applicant, I assign a third reviewer as a tie-breaker.

What I need is to KNOW when there is a disagreement so that I can assign the applicant to another Reviewer for a tie-breaker.

I tried making a dup_check (applicantNum & ReviewerOpinion), search for that and then show omitted, but I get where one Reviewer has made a decision and the other hasn't made a decision yet, in addition to disagreements.

It'd be best to just show a line for each applicant that says "disagree" and then I can GTRR to that applicant's record to assign another reviewer.

Thanks for any thoughts...

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There is a field called "ReviewerOpinion" and it is a radio option. Choices are "Interview", "Reject" or "Undecided".

The reviewer has some other fields to put in a score, but the only thing I'm concerned with is if I get 1 "Interview" and 1 %anything else%. This would be a "disagree".

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I'm not exactly sure I understood the fields involved, but just try the following: create a calculation in the join table, which holds a number according to the reviewer's opinion, then in the "reviewee" table create a sum (jointable::numField) and parse this.

e.g. hire would be 1, no hire a 2, which means that all records with a result of exactly 3 would be tied (adjust this method for other choices). Of course this field would be unstored, so for a larger number of records to be analyzed use a script or a "replace field" which automatically flags a new, indexed field according to the value in the sum field.

Another approach would be to tie the submitting of the reviewers opinion to a script (and not just choosing from a popup) and let the parent record being updated automatically to the current status.

Hope this helped.



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This topic is 5727 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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