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How to plan script?


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Can somebody point me to the right direction? I am planning a small database with about 5 tables. (Property, Suite, Inspection, Maintenance, Staff). I have the layouts ready, now I plan to start working on the scripts. But, I have no idea how to start or how to plan my scripts.

How is it usually done? What goes firs?

I need to implement simple navigation, search and data entry.


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sit down and think, think, think, think. know everything you need that script to do before you start working on if. if you can't come up with everything get as close as you can. nothing is worse than makign a script and it not fufilling your needs and having to start over. also as far as the script steps, they are just programed commands. go through your scripted process manually and write down the steps you take. then find the matching script step and peice it together.

hope that helps

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Since you have stated you are a beginner, you might start by purchasing some after market books on FileMaker. There have been several recommended in the [color:orange]Reference Topic, along with some other things such as videos, online classes, etc. that would help.

The other thing you should keep in mind, there are more than one way to skin the cat. You should look hard at relationships, calculations, lookups, along with scripts.

AND then, as [color:orange]VICH has pointed out, there is nothing like good planning. I would add to this, for you to make a Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).



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You sound like a writer staring at a blank page: where do you start? Sometimes the best approach is just to dive in.

Do you want the file to always open on a certain layout? At a certain size, etc.? Then make a script that does that, and assign it in your file options. You're off and running.

Where do you want the user to go next? Make a script for that.

Change your mind? Delete that script.

Figure out a better way? Change it!

Think about using script parameters for navigation, sorting, etc.

Think about using NO scripts where a simple button will do.

Think about using FileMaker's native abilities for finding, printing, etc. Must you have a fully-scripted interface? Maybe you only need to train your users to use FileMaker a little bit.

When constructing scripts, if you don't know how to do something, just put a comment in describing what you want to do. Some programmers do all their coding that way; write the description first, then go back later and actually program it.

Go to FileMaker.com and download some sample files, looking at others' work will give you lots of ideas -- some of them good!

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Right-on, Tom - I write my comments first (inserting one and then duplicating until I have a stack). Then I begin a visual walk-through of every key stroke and movement and I write out my thinking in the comments, something like:

# Make sure User can do this

# If not, send them home

# If yes, gather found set

# Found Set is based upon

# If none found, let User try again or exit

# If found


# Clean up after myself (less of an issue using script variables)

# Take the User home

Then I begin to fill in the sections. As I build the sections, I improve my comments to include critical decision-points. It works really well for me because I can envision it as the script fills in. I rarely break scripts into pieces. If I need to modify a script, I don't want to search for its pieces. I'd rather have it clearly in front of me so I can again walk through it and make appropriate changes. These comments (since they represent MY thinking) are very clear for me to understand later and I can quickly jump into the head-trip of a script. Even short scripts should be commented. It may not seem necessary but six months from now you'll be glad you did.

LaRetta :wink2:

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This topic is 5722 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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