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error code 958 missing parameter from query


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Hi All,

I have been getting reported failures of a simple registration form that creates a new record in a FM 7 database using FX.php. The reported error is error code 958 which has the description of "parameter missing from query".

The problem is, I have never been able to make the registration process fail, so I doubt that there is truly a missing parameter. The registration process works fine for me, whether I fill in all fields on the registration form or leave it blank -- a record is always written to the database.

To get a bit more information, I set up the confirmation.php page to send me an email message with all of the user posted data if the query returns a non-zero error code. One thing I have noted so far is that all of the reported failures have had strange characters in the posted data. All except one of the failed registrations has come from international registrants and the one from the USA registrant also included strange characters.

The only thing I do to the posted data is to use stripslashes() and trim() to clean it up. Is there something else I should routinely be doing with the posted data?

I did note that the header of the application form had a setting of chartset=iso-8859-1 and I have since changed that to charset=utf-8.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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The full error description I have for 958 is "No RecID, unknown record to add or edit or delete, attempting to edit an uneditable field"

Is it possible the script is attempting to write to a field that rendered uneditable in FileMaker? Something like a serial number or a registration number? Either don't write to that field or allow edits in FM.

Or are the bad chars being written to a field that can only accept numbers? You might need to validate the date before it gets inserted, either by javascript or PHP.

Hope this helps!



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This topic is 5701 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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