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Hi guys,

I have question about the protocols for the web publishing engine.

I used one computer for configuration: install Filemaker Server, the web publishing engine, and all of the associated software components on the same computer.

To communicate with Filemaker Server and web server, the web publishing engine uses the following protocol on the ports indicated.


Filemaker Proprietary Networking --> 5003 (TCP ports)

Apache Jakarta Protocol (AJP) 1.3 --> 16016, 16018(TCP ports)

Tomcat Control --> 16010(TCP ports)

Filemaker Internal --> 16008, 16012(TCP ports)

HTTP --> 16014(TCP ports)

Ports 5003 and 16008 through 16018 must be available on the computer. Port 5003 must also be open if there is an internal software firewall on the computer.

Do I have to open all ports listed in window firewall...:P

How can I check port number that filemaker is using?

Please guide me....



newbie fmp7

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What ports you need to open depends on your deployment. If everything is on one machine and the machine is behind a firewall/NAT router then all you need to open is port 80 on the firewall and forward it to your one machine.

Are you saying that the machine is not behind a firewall/router and that you're using the built-in Windows software firewall?

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This topic is 6082 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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