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FM Server LDAP ident


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Hi gurus

I have a pb to solve quickly:


At work, we have a Fm Server + advanced (Web publishing)

The users ident is done by ldap query (Server 2003)

No pbs, all works fine, from lan and WAn (Web companion)


Today, the fm server in set to query LDAP from domain A

How can I set FM Server to query another LDAP (Domain B for exemple)

Basically: is it possible to reach FM Databases from two differents domains ( A and :P with ident done by each domains ldap?

Thx gurus


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What you're saying is that you're using FMS External Authentication against an Active Directory, right?

And you want to have users authenticate against an Active Directory of another domain? You'll need to create a trust relationship between the two domains for this to work. Make sure to read up on the types of trust relationships and their consequences before you go down this road.

But in short, yes it is possible to do this. You may need FMS8 for this though, I don't recall off hand if this worked in FMS7. It may in v2 or v3 but it certainly didn't in v1 of FMS7.

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Wim Decorte

Tx very much for your anwser.

What you need to know:

I already user FM Server 8.0 v2

I already created a relationship between the two domains. (It's works fine)

yes, I need to use AD Ldap authentification instead of Internal FM Databases Accounts.

Yhe only thing for which Im not sure:

What type of relationship do i need to create ?

Unidirectionnal or birectionnal ?

Did you performed this identification for two domains successfully ?

I think that Im close to the solution

Thx for your help


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I did make it work with a uni-directional relationship. It should work with a bi-directional too but I didn't want to try that. I was making a relationship between my test domain and my production domain so I did not want to cross-authenticate testers in my production AD.

Which one you need depends on your other functional requirements. Restrict it to the minimum to avoid opening loopholes that people can take advantage off.

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This topic is 5957 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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