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Starter Question: historical school data. Please help

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I have historical data on our schools races, for each day of competition in a race there are:

Student name


lowest time

highest time

start run time

end run time

number of runs

I dont know how to relate this data for multiple days for each student? I have one record per student and all the calculations set up but I am lost on how to join day 1 times, to day 2 times for a student so that I can compute the percent increase. I have attached the file so you can see what I have done. Any help would be great!


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What you need is at least two tables in your database. One for students - this would hold their name and any other info personal to the student. A second table that holds the race information. Each race record would contain the studentID of the student it belongs to. Relate the two tables by this student id. Each student can then have mulitple race records (one for each day). This will lead you on the right path to your future goals of analyzing race data by student.

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This kind of need has come up in the past. I not sure if it the discussions were the same as your need, but here are a couple of thread that had files.



There are some other files that were race related, maybe if you do a search for Race Result, or Race Time, etc. you can pull more up.



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This topic is 5962 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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