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Help me choose: Fx.php vs. FM-and-Php vs. CWP


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I am starting the process of developing web components of several databases for my school. I would like to hear about other programmers' experiences to help me decide which tool I should use: Fx.php, FM-and-Php, or Custom Web Publishing.

I have not started playing with any of these yet, so I don't know what specific questions to ask. Any comments and personal expericenes that you think might be helpful will be appreciated.

I have played with IWP, and have decided that it is too limited for my applications and too quirky for my users.

My environment is FMS8A on a Win2k3 server. There are no previous-version applications to deal with, and so I am not concerned with backwards-compatibility.

I plan to develop web interfaces to a handful of school-related applications that will be used by teachers (and occasionally other staff and students) to do preliminary data entry. The first projects will be attendance information submission and entry of comments to be mailed/emailed to parents.

Most of the work will be done by a small number of people using the FM8 client, but we want teachers to be able to do their own data entry.

Any comments, thoughts, ideas, or opinions will be appreciated.

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This topic is 5701 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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