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Who wants a FM Calendar with a full featured Alarm?


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I've created a great looking Calendar that has full featured alarm functionality. The alarm includes a snooze feature and the schedule screen can be related to an existing record. It's very impressive and has been carefully debugged.

I'm considering whether or not to make it for sale to the general FM community (price TBD). Here's a screenshot. If you're interested seeing it 'in action', or purchasing an unprotected copy, email me at [email protected]

I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like.




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...Make that several screen shots.

The Messagebox you see (in the 3rd attachment above) can appear on any screen in your application. And the Snooze and Delete Events can be triggered without every having to leave the screen you're in.

If FM is closed when alarms were due, you are automatically notified the moment you open your application.

This is a very professional looking application, with features that rival Act! Software in much of its functionality.


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