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'Seeing' web layouts for queries

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Hi everyone.

I hope this is the correct forum. If not apologies.

I have a client who is running FM5 on Windows. They've been tapping into the FMP tables for their website store for years now, and recently decided to augment the interactivity, adding a few more tables (files) to the mix.

The problem is that when we setup a layout called 'web' on the files that were previously not queried by the website, we keep getting an error, essentially saying that the queries cannot find the layout.

My guess is that we need to change some setting on the file so that its data (and layouts) can be accessed from the site. Is there a setting I am missing. It's been so long since I've hooked anything up between a website and FM5, I am having a hard time remembering.

Just for background. Here's a sample query:


This works great with some of the files, but not with two others.

Coldfusion is being used.

All ideas, suggestions, comments, are vastly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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The Web companion plug-in is not on, but that's for the entire application. Yet somehow, the other tables work, and have been doing so for years. (It's running off of Server 5.5 unlimited, on Windows Server 2003).

The Web Companion option is greyed out under File>Sharing option, but is accessible in Edit>Prefs?Applications.

Should I turn it on there, and then under the File>Sharing too (within the file)?

Just wondering why it would work unchecked on some files already?

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This topic is 5704 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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